Mark Cullen - Approved Garden Centre

Our garden centre was very busy last spring and summer, with our new  status of being  an approved Mark Cullen garden centre.

Our staff worked hard increasing their knowledge of all aspects of gardening and plant care.


Some of Marks top picks for 2011

   Mark’s Choice Cornstarch Pots
Cornstarch pots are made from Plastarch (PSM), which uses starch as its main ingredient. Use these environmentally friendly 4" pots to start your seeds indoors this spring. They can be planted directly into your garden or recycled in the compost bin. Each pot comes with a mathcing saucer that fits securely on the bottom of the pot. Biodegradable cornstarch pots will not decompose until they are planted in the ground or buried in the compost pile.
(Home Hardware item# 5058-310)


   Mark’s Choice Bypass Pruner Set

This 8 3/4" drop forged aluminum pruner features high carbon steel blades with a non-stick coating, and a unique cutting action that draws the branch into the blades. The sharpener is 4 3/4" long with a tungsten carbide blade and has an oil reservoir for sharpening at one end.
(Home Hardware item#5067-220)


   Mark’s Choice Folding Yard Cart
This cart makes collecting lawn and garden clippings easy. A built-in scoop makes it simple to collect waste in the convenient pop-up bag. This handy trolley has wheels for easy transportation and folds down to fit in even the smallest storage space.
(Home Hardware item# 5118-022)


  Upside-Down Tomato Planter
While the idea of growing a tomato upside-down has been around for a long time, it was not until I was introduces to this - the best upside-down planter in the world - that it made sense.
Gorwing a tomato with the roots in the air makes a lot of sense if you want to maximize the vertical growing space in your yard, balcony, deck or roof top garden.
Air circulates around the plant freely.
No staking! Gravity does all the work.
Watering is easy - fill the high capacity planter from the top and let gravity do its work.
The unique 'wicking' system reduces the frequency of watering.
Harvesting has never been easier.
(Home Hardware item# )


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